An exploration of the infamous N.Z. murder


On June 22 1954 two hysteric and blood spattered girls burst forth from the wooded Chashmere Hills, running frantically to the tea kiosk they had visited only moments before. They were Juliet Marion Hulme and Pauline Yvonne Reiper (Parker). Concerned by the scene outside Agnes Ritchie, the tea shop’s proprietor went out to investigate. The girls cried out for help, stating that the mother of one of them had fallen on the path and hit her head repeatedly on a rock, sustaining severe injuries. While Ritchie tried to calm the girls, her husband and his assistant, Eric McIlroy traveled down the path to the spot described by the girls. There they found Honorah Mary Parker’s body. She’d been bludgeoned to death with a half brick in a knotted stocking, which was found at the scene. With the arrival of police and medics the girls’ stories of an accident quickly unraveled and Pauline was taken into custody later that evening. Juliet was arrested the following day and both girls were charged with the murder of Honorah Parker.

This murder, made famous internationally by Peter Jackson’s 1994 film, Heavenly Creatures has become a subject of endless fascination for me I hope for this site to be a trove of information about this case as well as a chronicle of my own exploration in blog form.

General triggers throughout this blog include: mentions of violence, murder, abuse, and period specific homophobia


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